De vernuftige edelman

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Libretto and stage direction by Stefano Simone Pintor

In 2023 OPERA2DAY, the New European Ensemble & La Fonte Musica will take you on a journey to the many realities of  The ingenious gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha.

OPERA2DAY in collaboration with

De vernuftige edelman

Music Vanni Moretto
Concept and libretto Stefano Simone Pintor

Musical direction Hernán Schvartzman
Stage direction Stefano Simone Pintor
Set design Herbert Janse
Costume design Mirjam Pater
Lighting design Uri Rapaport
Video design and technical production Ronald Tebra
Sound design Arne Bock

Orchestra New European Ensemble & La Fonte Musica

The opera will be staged between January and March 2023 in theatres throughout the Netherlands.

OPERA2DAY and the New European Ensemble take you on a journey to the many realities of The ingenious gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha. This is a brand-new opera based on the well-known Spanish novel by Cervantes with new music including a main role for medieval music from various countries and cultures. This production is the adventurous sequel to the ‘new baroque opera’ Vivaldi – Dangerous Liaisons, which received very positive reviews during its sold-out tour.

The early 17th-century novel The ingenious gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha by the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes is widely known as the best literary work of all times. In this novel, Don Quixote – a wealthy Spaniard with Arabic blood – aims to live a life without monotony. He is looking for major adventures, but the world around him does not seem to understand him. This novel is still surprisingly relevant today and its message is still mesmerizing – even after more than 400 years: live a meaningful life & make your dreams come true!

In this performance, Don Quixote is the wealthy owner of an international holding with employees from all corners of the world. He is rich, but his life is monotonous and meaningless. Looking for a more meaningful existence, he is daydreaming about bygone times. The boundaries between reality and the imagination are blurred. He thinks of himself as a knight and sees the people around him as servants, noble ladies and magicians. Everyone involved becomes tangled up in a life story that is both miraculous and touching.

For this production, the New European Ensemble works together with the Italian La Fonte Musica, which specializes in medieval music. In this joint project, they turn the universe of Don Quichote into sound. Composer Vanni Moretto weaves in enchanting compositions from the Middle Ages into his score for Don Quichote’s medieval fantasies. Stefano Simone Pintor created the concept and the libretto. Both were previously part of the team that produced the highly successful ‘new baroque opera’ Vivaldi – Dangerous Liaisons. “This combination of historicising and innovative opera practice can’t be cheered on loud enough” said a rave review in Dutch national newspaper De Volkskrant. Pintor is now also the director.

With Don Quichote, OPERA2DAY once again puts a main character from the early 17th century into the spotlights – similar to their previous operas l’Orfeo, Don Giovanni and Hamlet.
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