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New dialogue version by Stefano Simone Pintor

"The transposition of the opera was daring, not least because it involved the rewriting - curated by Stefano Simone Pintor - of most of the spoken dialogue, [...] but it worked perfectly in Donas' concept that [...] any war is comparable to any other, and so are class differences, gender stereotypes and moral dilemmas."


Music Gaetano Donizetti
Libretto Jean-François-Alfred Bayard & Jules-Henry Vernoy de Saint-Georges
New dialogue version and dramaturgy Stefano Simone Pintor
Conductor Michele Spotti
Director Luis Ernesto Doñas
Set Designer Angelo Sala
Costume Designer Maykel Martinez
Lighting Designer Fiammetta Baldiserri
Choreographer Laura Domingo
Chorus Master Salvo Sgrò
Percussion Ernesto Lopez Maturell

The Marquise of Berkenfield Adriana Bignagni Lesca
Sulpice Paolo Bordogna
Tonio John Osborn
Marie Sara Blanch
The Duchess of Krakenthorp Cristina Bugatty
Hortensius Haris Andrianos
A caporal Adolfo Corrado
A peasant Andrea Civetta
Chorus Accademia Teatro alla Scala
Orchestra Orchestra Donizetti Opera

Glorious comedy and impeccable coloratura combine in Donzetti’s La fille du régiment, incarnated by Marie, the feisty tomboy raised by a regiment of French soldiers. What can stand in the path of true love for Tonio is the young Swiss villager who conquers her heart - and nails a few high Cs on the way? 

With a new dialogue version by Stefano Simone Pintor, director Luis Ernesto Doñas sets the action in central America, turning the revolutionary French fighting against conservative Tyrol into the struggle for Cuban liberation. Cuba as a place where two worlds confront and clash, a colourful one projected into the future and the other in black and white locked in nostalgic feelings about the past. This production was the unequivocal success of the 2021 Festival Donizetti Bergamo in co-production with the Teatro Lirico Nacional de Cuba, where it has already made a very successful debut. The young Spanish soprano Sara Blanch plays the leading role of Marie, while the role of Tonio, with his legendary aria of at least eight high Cs, is entrusted to the renowned and charismatic American tenor John Osborn. 


"The transposition of the opera was daring, not least because it involved the rewriting (curated by Stefano Simone Pintor) of most of the spoken dialogue, [...] but for me it worked. The concept is that any war is comparable to any other , and so are class differences, gender stereotypes and moral dilemmas.

Laura Servidei
Bachtrack, 23.11.2021 

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