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| opera for children |
Libretto and stage direction by  Stefano Simone Pintor

"Updated to today children's nightmares (all characters come out of a videogame, Sarastro is a strict professor and Masonic rehearsals are classworks), this show by Stefano Simone Pintor makes the story a genuine tale with an important message for the young audience (music is more fun than TV).
And the red rags on the yellow kitchen gloves stirred by the singing children in the audience make up the most touching sea of flames ever seen in a Magic Flute production."
Angelo Foletto, La Repubblica, 04.01.2012

Sconfiggere mostri

Music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto Stefano Simone Pintor (after Emanuel Shikaneder's original version)
Musical adaptation Alfonso Caiani

Musical conduction Salvatore Percacciolo
Stage direction Stefano Simone Pintor
Set design Gregorio Zurla
Costume design Stefania Barreca
Lighting design Fiammetta Baldiserri
Production As.Li.Co. - Opera domani... project 2012 - XVI edition / Royal Opera House, Muscat

Winners of the AsLiCo competition for young opera singers

The production, with more than 150 performances, staged a tour stopping in most major Italian opera houses and theatres, including the Teatro Regio in Turin, the Teatro Comunale in Bologna, the Teatro Sociale in Como, the Teatro Ponchielli in Cremona, the Teatro Comunale in Bozen and many others.
From 2015, it has been acquired by the Royal Opera House of Muscat, in Oman, becoming their first repertoire opera.
Also, with this project, Opera domani... could interact for the first time with the television media, creating a program entirely dedicated to the show, "Mozart a modo mio", aired from May to June 2012 on the network DeA Kids of the Sky TV platform.

"Thanks to the power of music we will gladly cross the darkness of the night!"
The Magic Flute (Act II)

We chose the subtitle "Defeating monsters" for our production. Want to know why? Because each of us finds himself having to overcome many trials, sometimes frightening, that make us go through dark and unknown territories. There are many monsters that inhabit our minds and, above all, our nights... But here's the secret: these monsters are nothing but the materialization of our daily fears. It also happens to Tamino in The Magic Flute. He also must to overcome many trials and monsters to cross happily the darkness of the night! That is why, for our show, we thought of him as if it were a boy, just like you... In this way, it is as if the real protagonist of the show was you! In fact, during this show you will have to watch, listen, sing and play with us. But above all you will have to stay with Tamino on his journey: you will help him and advise him. You will be one of the Genes, one of those guys who, even before Tamino, has already completed this scary path. But do not worry, you will not be left to fend for yourself in this difficult task... In fact there will be the power of Mozart's music to help you out, which will materialize through your flute! "What? - you will tell - Just a flute? No light swords? No energy waves or similars?" Yeah, nothing like that! Only a flute, capable to produce weird and wonderful sounds, and through whom also Tamino will surpass all tests. Still you do not believe that it is enough? Try it! Play as much as you can: at school, with friends... Even at home! In fact we can find many monsters there too, by coming in contact with the images often violent of the TV programs or of all those videogames that we love so much. Do not remain prisoner of those images as it will happen to our hero at the beginning of the story... Instead, just play with your imagination! It will be your personal exercise to be more active, more in control of yourself and protagonist of your world! And then you'll see: there will be no monsters that can scary you, and using your mind you will be able to make your own journey toward wisdom!
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