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Libretto by Stefano Simone Pintor

Produced by the Fondazione Teatro Coccia and the Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini, Biscione and Pintor set to music an ancient European fairy tale that is still very relevant with our times.

Fondazione Teatro Coccia, Novara &
Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini, Jesi

Loosely inspired by an ancient European fairy tale

Music Federico Biscione
Libretto Stefano Simone Pintor

Music direction Carlo Emilio Tortarolo
Regia Stefano Ferrara

Tiziana Miryam Marcone
Gaia Caterina Dellaere
Semprino Mauro Secci

Ensemble Teatro Coccia

Novara, Jesi, Gerace (OperaMusica Festival Rapsodie Agresti Calabriae)

In a small northern village, two neighbours are arguing heatedly, accusing each other of the worst things, when a street vendor arrives and tries to sell them a few items. The two women also unload their anger on him and begin to mock him for his condition. They laugh even more when they see a stone among his items, ridiculing him for his absurd selling techniques. But the man declares that he does not want to sell the stone, since it is what gives him food. In fact, all he has to do is boil it in a pot of water to get the best soup in the world. Amused by the absurdity of the assertion, the two women challenge the seller to cook him soup from that stone on the spot. And so the man patiently sets to cooking, slowly transforming the water into a rich soup before their incredulous eyes. This event will lead the two women to question their entire lives.
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Ouverture | Samatha Carbone
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