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Script, libretto and film direction by Stefano Simone Pintor

"Can theater really exist only if an actor and his audience physically meet in the same place? Couldn't we take this ancient form of show to a new version 2.0, in a continuous exchange between the two realities that today's man lives,
the physical one and the virtual one?"
From the interview with Stefano Simone Pintor
Stefano Nardelli, Il Giornale della Musica, 07.23.2015


Web Opera Series

An original project by Alberto Cara and Stefano Simone Pintor, produced by The Social Opera House with the support of Retropalco

Episode 0 Pilot
Language English with Subtitles
Available Subtitles English, Italian, French and German

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Story Alberto Cara and Stefano Simone Pintor
Libretto Stefano Simone Pintor
Music Alberto Cara
Publisher Sconfinarte Edizioni

Musical conduction Alessadro Cadario
Film direction Stefano Simone Pintor
Set and costume design Alberto Allegretti
Make up Chiara Radice
Direction of photography Giulio Oldrini and Virginio Levrio
Editing Virginio Levrio
SteadyCam, crane and slider Davide Puzziferri
Sound recording, mixing and mastering Andrea Pestarino (Bravagente Audio)
Technical sponsors VAS, Cavalli Musica, Comune of  Monastero Bormida (AT – Italy)
Special thanks Davide Montorio, Michele Cataneo, Ian Burton, Mara Andreetto, Ekaterina Zimina, Sara Temporin, Mattia Minardi, Ginevra Danielli, Emma Buccelloni, Giancarlo Montorio

Walter J. Conrad Carlo Checchi
Jacob Gilbert Paolo Cauteruccio
Lena Stevens Lucrezia Drei

Violin Igor Riva
Violin Diego Ceretta
Viola Irina Balta
Violoncello Claudio Giacomazzi
Double Bass Andrea Sala
Clarinet Chiara Percivati
Trombone Mattia San Lorenzo
Piano Marta Ceretta
Percussion Marco Scolari

Best Musical @ Web Series Festival Global of Hollywood 2015

The Banker, the first opera series ever realized, launches our research project in the field of opera theatre and will lead the way for many other future projects.
The Banker is the first web opera series ever made. Since the shooting didn’t took place in a theatre but on location, the language is the one of the opera movie, differing however for its serial form. The narration is divided into episodes of maximum 10 minutes each and, thus, already thought-out for Web use. 
Even though originally made for a different medium than theatre, The Banker is however an opera thought to be reassembled for a complete display and to be staged in a normal theatre.
The decision to make a serial opera comes from the vivid necessity of bringing this ancient but still actual language closer to the general public, and to demonstrate that it can still be popular and affordable to everyone.
This is why, following this philosophy, the libretto leaves the classical meter for quick and sharp dialogues, embracing a simple and contemporary language.

Walter J. Conrad (bass/baritone) is a powerful banker who made economic history in Italy, and not only that: his figure, an “éminence grise” known to most, was able to influence through the years international politics, thanks to his natural talent as “intermediary”. Disgraced, Conrad secretly decides for a monastic life. After a long period of anonymity, on the night of the Holy Saturday, he prepares his “resurrection” and his return on the international scene. To do this, he tries to involve a young ambitious journalist (Jacob Gilbert, tenor) revealing to know the solution to the unresolved mysteries that marked Italian history in the last fifty years.
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