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Stage direction by Stefano Simone Pintor

"I think it is up to artists to look critically at our society
and to ask questions about it. To study the Moro case has meant, for me, to study our time. Considering that the BR terrorists were people aged 18 to 35, thus belonging to my same age group,
it has been interesting to see how they reacted
to their political situation and how I deal with it today.
Interview with Stefano Simone Pintor on MilanoWeb, 06.28.2009


Dramaturgy Alessandra Comi
Stage direction Stefano Simone Pintor
Starring Claudio Lobbia, Valeria Costantin, Massimiliano Setti, Irina Lorandi and Vlad Scolari
Set and costume design Stefano Simone Pintor
Lighting design Diego Sacchi

The production was staged at the Teatro Litta, Milan (Sala Cavallerizza) in June 2009
Giona, a sixty year old politician, chairman of the party that has governed the country for over thirty years, has been kidnapped by the subversive group Armata Anime, who sees him as the representative of a corrupt political class: the "rotten gang" that AA wants to attack and process for the good of the citizens.
The text is a journey in 14 stages, or rather 14 "stations" of the abduction of Giona, a clear transfiguration of the Moro kidnapping.
It is the personal and sometimes very intimate "Via Crucis" of Giona, who is struggling to mediate between the Armata Anime (a representation of the Brigate Rosse) and his party, in order to obtain his release, as he absolutely wants to get off the cross to which he was nailed, refusing the fate that is ready to make him a victim of his historical period, the unburied corpse of the history of the country.
It is the road that leads the two young members of AA, Salome and the Engineer, who supervise and look after Giona in the apartment in which it was hidden, to accept or shirk the responsibility of the killing of their prisoner.
At the same time there is the path of the Ventriloquist, the other mysterious intermediary between the political class and Giona's kidnappers, and his puppet: a member of the party and close friend of the latter. After an initial attempt at mediation, they decides to close the deal with Armata Anime and leave the fate of Giona in the hands of his captors, witnessing his death and justifying it in the name of a certain reason of State.
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