Dangerous liaisons

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Libretto by Stefano Simone Pintor

"The story had been cleverly distilled down
to five singing parts. The music and new libretto
merged invisibly so you would think they had always been so."
Michael Hasted, ArtsTalk Magazine, 01.18.2019

Dangerous Liaisons

Music Antonio Vivaldi and Vanni Moretto
Libretto Stefano Simone Pintor and Serge van Veggel
Concept, scenario and music structure Serge van Veggel
Dramaturgy Karim Ameur

Musical direction Hernán Schvartzman
Stage direction Serge van Veggel
Project development Alice Gubler
Artistic director Netherlands Bach Society Shunske Sato

Set design Herbert Janse
Lighting design Marc Heinz
Sound design Arne Bock
Technical production Ronald Tebra
Costume design Mirjam Pater
Hair and make up Nienke Algra

Marquise de Merteuil Candida Guida / Sophia Patsi
Vicomte de Valmont Yosemeh Adjei
Présidente de Tourvel Barbara Kozelj / Ingeborg Bröcheler
Chevalier Danceny Maahan Licht
Cécile Volanges Stefanie True / Emma Fekete

Victoire (Head of household Merteuil) Emma Linssen
Azolan (Valet to Valmont / Abbot of monastry) Merijn de Jong
Lahaye (Butler to Merteuil / Male nurse) Fabian Smit
Serafia (Housemaid to Merteuil / Nun) Emma van Muiswinkel
Faubourg (Footman to Merteuil / Male nurse) Luciaan Groenier
and many others

Orchestra Netherlands Bach Society

The opera has been staged between January and March 2019 in theatres throughout the Netherlands, and again between March and June 2022 in Switzerland, for TOBS Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn circuit.

In 2019 OPERA2DAY and the Nederlandse Bachvereniging presents a brand-new baroque opera, with music by Antonio Vivaldi. The Venetian composer's fiery and virtuoso opera music is making a true come-back. In the show Vivaldi's most thrilling arias are combined in a new libretto by Stefano Simone Pintor. They tell an equally thrilling story, based on the illustrious epistolary novel Les Liaisons dangereuses.

The fierce emotions resonate in Vivaldi's vocal and instrumental fireworks, performed by a sparkling international cast and the top musicians of the Bachvereniging. With newly composed recitatives the work is welded into a whole. OPERA2DAY used this process successfully before in La troupe d'Orphée, proclaimed Opera of the year in 2014, and later in Dr. Miracle's last illusion: 'spectacular' according to leading newspaper de Volkskrant, 'a hit' according to Theaterkrant. OPERA2DAY's recent Hamlet (awarded ***** by Theaterkrant and 58% of the audience) was a dazzling homage to a repertoire seldom performed. OPERA2DAY now presents a successor: a contemporary Vivaldi. Know more.

Marquise de Merteuil and Vicomte de Valmont play a dangerous game with love. The former lovers trump one another with sensual cruelties. They dare each other to seduce others. Their relationship is challenged when Valmont seems to fall for the charming but virtuous Présidente de Tourvel. In the vicious battle that follows all those involved are eventually ruined. A fatal love story as well as a portrait of an era in which a jaded élite collapses under its own intrigues.

Foto: Marco Borggreve


The first "impressive collaboration" (NRC) of Opera2Day with the Dutch Bach Society is a hit. The audience also embraces the performance. More than 12,000 tickets have already been sold. A selection of Vivaldi's finest opera music comes together with a new libretto written by Stefano Simone Pintor and based on Dangerous Liaisons, the famous eponymous novel from 1782. The result is "a perfect synthesis" (Place de l'Opera) and "the most convincing evidence that Vivaldi's opera music is wrongly fallen into oblivion" (Theaterkrant). A new opera with existing music. In the baroque they called it a 'pasticcio'. Vivaldi was a master in the genre. ""Surprisingly enough, the result is certainly not a patchwork, but a convincing Italian opera, in which known and unknown melodies convey with great emotion the staggering story of seduction, betrayal and love" (De Groene Amsterdammer). "This combination of historicising and innovative operatic practice can not be applauded loud enough... Opera2Day, led by Serge van Veggel, gives a fine example of out-of-the-box thinking" (De Volkskrant). 

Various music journalists
NRC, Place de l'Opera, Theaterkrant, De Volkskrant, De Groene Amsterdammer, Telegraaf, 01.2019

2nd in the Theaterkrant's Top Ten best Dutch productions
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  NRC
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  de Volkskrant
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  De Telegraaf

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